Class structure: Class meets online – 1 x a week for – 50min – for 13 weeks

Ages: 10 – 12

Summary: Social-Emotional lessons for developing character, critical thinking, and decision-making skills

Description: A growing number of studies show that emotional intelligence or EQ (self-awareness, social awareness, and interpersonal competence) is the most significant predictor of overall personal success and while we can improve our EQ at any age studies conclude that our childhood experiences primarily influence it. Having good character, a positive attitude, and knowing how to get along with people are key elements for life-long success.

This 13-week class helps students lay the foundation of social-emotional skills through mini stories (I read aloud while the children listen along) and completing related activities. The activities are designed to encourage students to develop successful personal character traits, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Stories provide a fun and casual way to explore emotional intelligence. Activities include group conversation and worksheet completion.

Concepts will be covered through the passages I read, followed by group discussion and completion of worksheets both in and out of class.

Week 1 – Appreciation
Week 2 – Honesty
Week 3 – Caring
Week 4 – Patience
Week 5 – Respect
Week 6 – Perseverance
Week 7 – Loyalty
Week 8 – Fairness
Week 9 – Generosity
Week 10 – Responsibility
Week 11 – Self-Discipline
Week 12 – Cooperation
Week 13 -Trustworthiness

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