Class structure: Class meets online – 1 x bi-weekly for – 50min – for 12 weeks (6 classes)

Cost: $75.00

Ages: 16 – 18

Summary: Empowering teens to be active and accountable in their learning journey.

Description: From athletes, musicians, and celebrities to billionaire CEOs and free world leaders. There is a very good reason some of the most successful people on this planet have a coach. A coach’s job is to provide subjectivity, empowerment & guidance not through instruction but through powerful questions aimed to motivate and create confidence. These group coaching sessions will look to create the following for your learner.

Clarity – At this stage of the game we are inviting learners to become active participants in their future. Showing them how connecting their head to their heart turns passion and energy into success even on seemingly simple tasks such as completing assignments, practicing music, or sports.

Strategy – address specific projects or challenges, examine what the obstacles might be, and help them choose a course of action.

Liberty – Coaching is designed to empower clients to understand that they don’t need to be given the answers. Instead, coaches are trained to ask questions and use specific tools to provide a roadmap for clients to unlock the answers within. What greater gift could we give our kiddos than growing to be independent, capable thinkers!

Community – One of the beautiful benefits of group coaching is the sense of togetherness and fellowship that develops among participants.

Accountability – One of the most significant benefits is accountability without the power struggle. The coaching relationship is not one of authority and so if goals are not met or there is a breakdown somewhere ownership falls cleanly to the learner without guilt or blame. It becomes a simple matter of acknowledging, regrouping, and making a new plan to execute. Teaching learners that failure or lack of success is nothing to be feared but merely an opportunity to try again.

This class MEETS EVERY TWO WEEKS and requires a minimum of 5 students to run.
Each call we will begin with an educational component or coaching exercise. This will last approximately 20-30min. Followed by individual check-in. This class requires significant participation from learners. Every class and exercise will require learner sharing and participation. If your learner is not comfortable doing so in a group situation but you are interested in coaching for them please contact me at

Schedule & to Register: visit Outschool – click here 

All classes available by special request in CDN funds (same cost) for groups of 5 or more. Please contact me at if you have a group wishing to schedule a class.

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