Class structure: Class meets online – 1 x a week for – 45min – for 4 weeks

Ages: 9 – 12

Summary: Stories of women, both past, and present who have shaped our world though acts of love, creativity and courage.

Description: In this class, we look at women who have pursued their dreams or changed the world in some way (sometimes both!) through acts of love, creativity, and courage.

Each week I will share 3 short stories each one about a different strong woman role model. From scientists to athletes, the stories about these women of the past and present serve to teach and inspire girls and boys alike.

After each 5-10 min story there will be group conversation as to the character of the woman, virtues she displayed and how her story has shaped our world and how those characteristics relate to the children in the group.

We will study 12 women/girls in all. Some of the ones we will cover in this class include Amelia Earhart, Tanya Tagaq, J.K Rowling, and Deepika Kurup.

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