Okay, mommas this one is for you and your crew! 

Moms from all over all are telling me how much they love the idea of Mindfulness for their kids. The idea of our kids having the skills to handle big emotions, work towards self-regulation, communicate effectively, make sound choices,  and can find joy in everyday life sounds great. Essentially we want them to have the skills we wish we had when we were twenty! However, mindfulness is more than a bag of tricks we teach our kids to practice and use sometimes. Mindfulness is a way of life, and that means momma, they need you to help show them the way. Which is why I have created the Mindfulness Challenge, after all, why should our kids be the only ones having all the fun!

What is the Mindfulness Challenge?

The mindfulness challenge is an online program that gets the whole family learning and implementing mindfulness concepts and techniques at their own pace. It consists of bi-weekly online meetings that cover all the basic tenets of mindfulness taught in Mindful Kids (attention, intention, attitude, gratitude, kindness to self, kindness to others, resilience and practice) and then delves deeper. We look at connecting authentically, emotional triggers, thoughts vs. reality, anxiety, respond vs. react, and reset (when it doesn’t work the way I imagined). Each call has a learning portion and then a question and answer time, I respect that we are all busy so try to limit the class to 30-40 min. There is also a private Facebook group for sharing, asking questions and interaction with a general like minded community. Meetings are recorded so if you can’t make the call time you can view at a time that works for you. The fee you pay covers your whole family.

So remind me again what is Mindfulness exactly?

Basically, it’s the decision to become aware of what is happening within and around us without judgment. We learn how the brain works and how that can benefit us. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions tell a story. If for some reason we do not love the story it tells we can begin to pay attention to what is going on (without all the ideas of what “should” be) and things can start to shift. We can let go of what no longer serves us, and we can begin to move in a different direction. You may notice differences in how you handle big emotions, communicate, and interact with others. That you can find joy in the simple things in life. That you feel more present and connected with those, who mean the most to you.

Sounds simple enough, so why would I need to participate in this challenge?

Like many things the concept is simple, but the practice, well, it takes a little bit of work, a little bit of direction. It is also most effective with support and accountability because if you are like me (or any other human on earth), we sometimes get in our own way and don’t even know it.

What are the sign-up options?

You can sign up in 3, 6 or 12-month increments and you can choose to participate multiple times. There is a new learning piece every two weeks and only a couple of the bigger concepts duplicate throughout the year (with different content).  I can assure you though, I attend multiple mindfulness events a year and even if you decided to do this challenge for three years straight each time you ran across duplicate sessions you would get something very different from it than you did the time before.

What if the class ends up not being a right fit for us?

No worries, it’s great that you gave it a try! If the program isn’t for you, for any reason within the first 30days (from the date of the first call) you can request a full refund, no questions asked. No refunds will be issued after this time.

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