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Here are just a handful of the wonderful testimonials from my workshops, one-on-one, and coaching – With a focus on personal development, fulfillment, growth and more, but don’t just take my word for it….





“The Adventure Challenge – Friendship class was great. It sparked good, healthy conversation at our house about what friendship means to each of us. The activities/homework were fun & informative too. I think this class is good for any age, the topic of friendship is so important and worth discussing. Donna, the teacher, was fun, approachable and kind in class and responded promptly to posts. We highly recommend 🙂 Thanks Donna!”  

Roxanne – Outschool

“Donna is a very intuitive and empathic person. Her approach to working with children allowed my children to express their feelings and opinions honestly during classes and helped them to grow in confidence of the skills she has taught them.”

C. MacLean, Nanaimo, BC

“Donna’s techniques were gentle and helped me to be at ease.”

L. Kui, NYC, NY

“Donna’s approach is sensitive, compassionate, and fun. Her workshop had us laughing, crying, hugging and… singing!

L. Shulson, Nanaimo BC

“What an incredible workshop! Donna’s energy was positive and caring, and I just loved her! I would recommend her HYL workshops to anyone.”

S. Rogalski, Madison WI

“I believe myself to be a person with a good sense of self-awareness, of willingness to change and improve. I also know there is only so far you can go without a guru, a teacher, to push you past your own limits. To shine a light on where the real resistance lies. I definitely experienced the full force of that spotlight last weekend. I experienced you as an excellent, knowledgeable and wise presenter. The chosen exercises were empowering and humbling. I appreciated the safe space you continually facilitated to allow that to occur. I think all of this and your empathic energy are a huge part of what created such a safe space for opening up for the rest of us, so thank you. I’m eternally grateful.” 

Caroline G, Fanny Bay, BC

“Donna’s gentle approach gave me the confidence to explore my self-imposed limitations and feel my inner strength. She is a wonderful coach!”

M Elward, New Jersey

“Donna you have a wonderful, loveable voice. I am still amazed how your presentation touched me. Thank you!”

M Melcher, Greer, SC